“Making Personality Assessments Accessible to all”

TraitForward (formerly testil.io) is the product of the union of the psychometric expertise of Psycholate and the entrepreneurial drive from Starttech Ventures, bringing the “commercialization of the enterprise” ethos to life. Our product is a platform that delivers psychometric testing as a service, making it easy to quickly build questionnaires online and manage the assessment process end-to-end.

Our goal is to offer you an open, science-based way to create your own very specific personality questionnaire. Once you do that an easy-to-use platform automates repetitive tasks, such as email notifications and user management, while also covering all your data security and GDPR requirements, so you can focus on the high-value tasks that matter. 

Our Values

  • Easy to use solutions:
    so you can focus on the high-value tasks that matter. Goodbye time-consuming admin tasks and unconscious bias, hello to fast and effective data-driven decisions
  • Security & Privacy
    Being GDPR compliant and ISO27001 certified means you do not have to worry about data security and user privacy.
  • Open Source Ethos
    With more than 20 IPIP public domain questionnaires, and over 400 personality constructs readily available, you can build, set up and run assessment projects within minutes
  • Commercialisation of the enterprise/Accessible to all
    Personality assessment and data-driven hiring  tools should not break the bank/be exclusive to enterprises. Say hello to fast and effective data-driven hiring decisions for startups and SMBs

Our Team

Pavlos Stamboulides
Founder and CEO,
Psychologist and Developer

Loukas Avramidis
Project Lead and Web Developer

Sotiris Moursias
Sys Admin and Security Officer

Nikos Papatheodorou
Software Developer

Dimitris Tsingos

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